EBOLA: Six Weeks in West Africa (English)

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Speaker: Joel Adelson, MD, PhD, MPH & Farrah Kashfipour, RN, MSN, Social Medicine, Public Health & Global Health Sciences, University of California, San Francisco

 Ebola has been called the worst global public health crisis in modern times; the first deadly virus to completely escape local control in the molecular age.

At present, control is completely dependent on classical public health methods of case finding, isolation, and quarantine which must occur in settings of extreme underdevelopment, recent civil wars, and fully debilitated health care systems, and in direct violation of deeply-held religious customs and family values. The epidemic at present presents an unpredictable moving target; the international response is having some good effects in some places, but remains very chaotic to the present.

I'll try to integrate personal impressions of 5 weeks participation in the response in Liberia in November-December with a broad public health overview.

Recorded January 12, 2015

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