Food Insecurity in Orange County (English)

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Food Insecurity in Orange County
a Public Health seminar presented by Christina Hall and Jerry Rivero

Many of Orange County's youngest residents aren't sure where their next meal will come from. Almost half of all OC's children receive free or reduced price lunches at school, and for many, that will be the healthiest meal of the day. Food insecurity is a condition of not having enough food to eat but also not having access to a sufficient variety of foods for adequate nourishment. Food insecurity impacts over 13% of adults and 24% of children in Orange County. Join the Executive Director and Program Manager of Orange County Food Access Coalition as they discuss the factors that lead to food insecurity in the region, and what you can do to help.

Christina Hall has a background in Biology, with a Masters in Urban Sustainability from Antioch University. Jerry Rivero has a Master’s Degree in Planning from the University of Southern California. Both were born in California and work in the food justice movement.

Jerry Rivero
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