Parent Engagement in Building Healthy School Environments (English)

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Parent Engagement in Building Healthy School Environments
a Public Health seminar presented by Linda Luna Franks

The importance of parent engagement in the overall well-being of students and children is well documented in public health and active living research. Kid Healthy is a local non-profit organization based in Santa Ana that provides programs to improve nutrition and fitness for children and families in Southern California. Their programs include frameworks that address challenges faced by low-income families in creating healthy homes and communities. One of their programs is called Padres en Acción, which engages parents as active volunteers and advocates in their children’s lives through school engagement. This seminar will provide background on the impact of PEA and its future in ensuring healthy communities in southern California.

Linda graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a BA in Communications. She joined Kid Healthy in 2011, and was promoted to Executive Director in January 2014. Under her leadership, the Padres en Acción program has grown from 4 schools to 43 schools in 4 years. Prior to Kid Healthy Linda held the Sales Promotion Director position at Nordstrom, Inc. in Southern California.

Linda Franks
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